Terms and Conditions

I wish to apply for ordinary membership of aussieproperty.com (hereinafter referred to as APC) and accept and acknowledge the following conditions:

  1. I am offered protection by the APC Code of Ethics on any dealings with other members of the APC and agree to accept any dispute resolution offered in accordance with that Code of Ethics.
  2. I wish to be informed of items of interest that I specifically select and on events, offers and general information reports issued by the APC from time to time and consent to same in respect of any privacy regulations imposed by any authority.
  3. Personal particulars and responses to any questionnaires shall remain private within the membership of the APC and shall not be passed on to any external party without my consent.
  4. I shall act with good faith and honesty in all my dealings as a member of the club.
  5. I understand that APC is not giving advice, financial or otherwise, and that I rely on my own judgement in making personal investment decisions.
  6. APC reserves the right to refuse any application or cancel membership at their absolute discretion.
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