Australian Tax Issues

The Australian Tax System has unfairly developed a bad international reputation.

It is true that we have some of the highest rates of tax in the world, however many people are unaware of the generous tax incentives and allowances that are readily available to reduce the tax burden.

In fact, as an overseas based property investor, it is unlikely that you will be required to pay any tax provided that you undertake sensible and legitimate tax planning strategies.

All the content on this site has been supplied and is maintained by Australasian Taxation Services (ATS), the leading Taxation firm specialising in foreign based Australian property owners.

These are discussed in more detail in the following Members Only areas and we also focus on special groups such as Expatriates and Intended Migrants.

Understanding Your Australian Property Tax Requirements
Australian Expatriate Tax Issues
Australian Migration Tax Issues
Australian Goods & Services Tax
Australian Companies
Australian Inheritance Tax

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