Foreign Exchange

When you have an Australian investment property, you will need to gain some level of understanding in Foreign Exchange issues as it can directly impact on you.

When you first transfer your deposit, send funds back regularly to help service the mortgage or just deciding whether to send savings home or not, you need to know that you can obtain the most favourable exchange rate and maximise your value on each transaction.

If you decide to have a loan in a foreign currency then it is even more important to monitor exchange movements as it can impact on your loan costs through currency fluctuations.

To help you with that, below is our live daily Market Commentary feed from partner OzForex.

If you are sending funds across borders then let our preferred FX Service partners assist you and save you money.


SMATS FX is an affordable way to send  money around the world and offers a special fixed VIP Rate so that you get a great price on any transfer no matter how large or small.

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One of the leading FX companies in the world with excellent rates for clients and a simple online platform to make currency transfer easy.

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