Property Investors Tool Box

Having the right information is critical to any successful investment strategy.

Our unique Tool Box is full of important calculators to assist you full understand financial issues affecting your Australian Property Investments and assist you make the best decisions.

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Our Tools include

Property Tax Estimator

The most comprehensive financial calculator for overseas based Australian property investors, allowing you to quickly assess the taxation, finance and investment implications of your property.

Developed by our qualified Taxation Member, Australasian Taxation Services, this tool is simply a must for every investor wanting to know how much tax would be payable, finance costs, capital outlay required and investment performance of their current or prospective purchase.

Available live, saved and editable for your convenience.

To view a sample simply click on the links below.

Property Tax Estimator Sample.pdf
Investment Analysis Sample.pdf

Foreign Currency Loan Assessor

The only tool of its kind, it quickly will detail the costs or benefits of which currency you intend to borrow in, and make a recommendation as to which is best for you based on a variety of potential currency movements.

This is an essential tool to use prior to every rollover of your Foreign Currency Loan on your Australian Property investment.

Affordability Calculator

How much deposit do you need to acquire the property you are interested in? This tool lets you know the answer, instantly.

Future Value Calculator

Ever wondered what your property might be worth in a few years? Now you can quickly calculate the value, simply on line.

Rental Yield Calculator

Curious as to what your Rental Yield on your property is or want to calculate what the rent should be at a certain yield? This tool will show you various yield and rent options.

Rennovation Assessor

Thinking of doing some rennovation on your property? This tool will calculate the required increased rental needed to justify the improvement costs.

Loan Repayment Calculator

Find out how much you will need to pay each month for your intended loan.

Stamp Duty Calculator

This tool will calculate how much State Government Stamp Duty may be payable on your purchase and also provides details of any First Home Buyers Concessions that may be available to you.

Property Growth Rate Calculator

Calculate the actual growth rate achieved on your property to compare against averages and see your property's true performance.

Our tools are designed to help you with your decisions, and are easy to use, quick to enter and available free online to members of

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