Services was created to offer the most complete range and highest standard of service to anyone interested in Australian property investment.

Through membership, you have instant access to all the information relevant to making successful investment decisions and also access to leading professionals that have the experience and knowledge to support and assist you throughout the process.

One of the most critical issues as an overseas based investor, is ensuring that the purchase process is smooth, professional and holds no nasty surprises. Our members are acutely aware of your special requirements and will do all in their power to fulfill them.

All of our members are independent professionals and have signed off on our Code of Ethics, further ensuring your safety and service expectation.

A summary of the services you can expect through your involvement in follows below:

Australian Property Services

Australian Property Developers

If you choose or are required to acquire, a new Australian property investment, then the Developer is perhaps the most important person you will deal with.

In his hands you place the trust that the project he has undertaken is of the highest quality, location and offers the prospect for attractive future growth.

You enjoy many safeguards from Government regulation and the natural competitiveness of the market, but in addition you need to have confidence that the Developer has the foresight to identify projects in areas and styles that the market will appreciate, accept and reward.

Some of the important issues that a Developer must question and answer during his decision phase include:

  • Location , is the area attractive from a lifestyle and rental perspective, current and future.
  • Design , does the proposed development keep abreast of current market requirements.
  • Value , is the overall cost of the project within the value range for the type and location.
  • Quality , have we offered the best features and options for value.
  • Potential , is there a real likelihood of ongoing demand for the type and location of the project.

Each Developer uses there experience to evaluate projects that they believe offer the best overall combination of these items.

Fortunately, each of them have unique styles, differing budgets and are somewhat dependent on the availability of locations at the time.

What this means for us as investors is a great variety of projects to choose from and we in essence "judge them" when we decide whether or not to acquire in their projects, either agreeing with their evaluation and project considerations or not.

I am sure you will find the Developer Members of to be of the highest standard and value, and they will be more than pleased to spend time with you explaining their individual projects and give you an understanding of why they believe it can outperform the market in growth into the future.

Licensed Australian Real Estate Agent

In each State of Australia, the Real estate Industry is protected by Licensing Regulations for your protection.

Using a Real Estate Agent can give you a more general perspective of the trends and opportunities in a specific area, as they will usually possess a great deal of information about the happenings in their backyard.

They will also have access to a network of Developers, Property Listing and locations that allow you to focus on your preferred investment areas and receive a third party viewpoint of the property you are considering.

They can act for you to find, negotiate and conclude on most property transactions and should be available to answer your broad and specific queries.

Having someone you trust with the localised knowledge is a key advantage of using a Real Estate Agent.

Australian Property Buying Agents

A recent addition to your property search options has been the availability of independent professional Real Estate Agents that remove themselves from the sales aspect, and instead act solely for you as the buyer.

In doing so they have only one objective, find the property you want.

They utilise their experience and networks to match potential property to your specifications and follow through all the research, negotiation and contractual issues to lead to a final selection.

As they work for you, they do not usually receive a sales commission and therefore this service will have a professional fee payable by you as the buyer.

This is often well earned through exhaustive search, analysis and aggressive negotiation that benefits you.

The Buyers Agent has been very popular particularly when offshore buyers are seeking a significant property in a popular area that may potentially become their future residence.

House Builders

The Building Industry in Australia is also heavily regulated for your protection and the standards of construction in Australia are easily amongst the world's best.

This ensures that you can build from abroad with confidence, safe in the knowledge that your home will be well built, to specifications and budget.

Depending on whether you seek a typical house to be built or something very special, you will be looked after by qualified designers and tradesman determined to satisfy your personal requirements.

Being overseas, you will need more updating and service as it is not practical to do personal site visits due to your distance.

Our Builder Members understand this and work with you to ensure a construction program that you can rely on, even in your absence.

Support Services

The most difficult part of investing in Australia, is no doubt the property selection.

Finding the property you like, in your budget, and with the style you want is no easy job given the great amount of choice and variety available.

Once you have conquered this task however, you need to turn your attention to the various professionals that can support you during this time and into the future ownership period.

At we have a full complement of independent experts available to assist you throughout.

Australian Property Finance

Access to all of your Australian property finance options is critical to gaining the most cost effective lending to support you investment.

Full review, appraisal and loan arranging customised to your personal requirements.

Australian Taxation & Accounting

Ensuring that you understand and comply with your Australian Taxation requirements is not only an important issue, it is also required by law.

You can obtain pre purchase tax planning, annual compliance lodgment, Australian expatriate and migration tax planning, and business assessments.

Australian Property Rental Management

We can assist with the full management of your Australian property including rent collection, maintenance and expense disbursement to ensure you have a trouble free time as an Australian property owner.

Legals & Settlements

From reviewing your contract, assisting with the proper transfer of your property, considering the need for wills to any matter affecting you from a legal perspective.


Considering relocating to Australia permanently or just for a working or holiday stint, then using a Registered Migration Agent can quickly identify the most appropriate method to gain approval for your circumstances.

Australia is aggressively seeking skilled migrants so it is a great time to consider Australia as an option.

Australian Company Incorporation & Annual Corporate Compliance

Establishing an Australian company or trust and attending to the annual corporate compliance issues with the Australian Government.

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