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Australian Property Investment Issues

Annual Australian Market Review - November 2010

2010 was a a year of consolidation that we managed to predict in the 2009 report. This years report focuses on the changing face of information and how it influences our lives and investments. 2011 promises to be a good year and we review the reasons why to help those still unsure of what direction markets may take. Appropriately, this years report is entitled "Full Speed Ahead".

Annual Australian Market Review - November 2009

Our annual review of all the factors influencing the Australian property market including the recent interest rate rise, global recovery and strong incoming migration. This is the full report from our Annual World seminar tour this year entitled "Down Under Comes Up Tops".

Is now the time to enter the Sydney Property market? July 2009

Our aussieproperty.com member, Citylife Property Group investigates the issues affecting the Sydney property market and if it is a good time to look to acquire in this popular city.

Northern Territory Market Update December 2008

A lot is happening at the top end of Australia, so make sure you keep up to date with the latest trends and forecasts.

Annual Australian Market Review - November 2008

Our annual review of all the factors influencing the Australian property market including the effects of the Global Financial Crisis. This is the full report from our Annual World seminar tour this year entitled "A Return to Common Sense".

Plus Prime Australia

With the US Property market buckling under the Sub Prime Fiasco, we look at what is Sub Prime and how it may affect the Australian Property market. There are fundamental differences between the markets and it is always important to know when negative influences may affect your investment options.

Annual Australian Market Review - November 2007

Our annual review of all the factors influencing the Australian property market including the recent stock market adjustments, currency issues and upcoming Australian Election. This is the full report from our Annual World seminar tour this year entitled "Stock Market Jitters, Currency Fluctuations, Federal Elections and Tax Reform - What does it all mean to the Australian Property Market ".

Australian Budget Review 2007

Our annual look at the announcements in the Federal Budget with full analysis of the changes and predictions on how it may impact the general economy and property markets.

The 8 Primary Drivers of Growth

When deciding on which property to buy there are many factors to consider. In this report we look at the general factors that can drive property growth and help you achieve above average returns.

Understanding Australian Property Cycles

A key to boosting investment performance is picking the right time in a cycle. This report will give you an insight into how to understand and identify the Australian property cycle.

Australian Budget Review 2006

A detailed look at the 2006 Federal Budget handed down on the 9th May, which brought about significant personal tax reductions that will benefit all investors. In this report we also look at the issues driving budget policy and how the announcements will affect overseas based Australian Property owners.

Superannuation Gets an Extreme Makeover

A detailed look at the changes to Superannuation as a result of the Federal Budget from our Financial Planning Member, ipac Financial Planning, which shows all the important changes and planning opportunities Superannuation brings for expatriates, intended migrants and Australian residents.

How to get a free University Education for your Child

Believe it or not, it is possible to use prudent property investment to gain a free University education for your child. We look at how this can be done in this special report.

Australian Housing Market Remains Solid

A quick overview of current trends in the Australian Property Market.

NSW Abolish Vendor Tax

For investors in NSW this is great news as the state government removes the controversial Vendor Tax.

How To Buy Your Australian Property

An in depth look into the full process of purchasing an Australian property, a must read for any first time buyer, or continuing investor unsure of all the issues.

Why Does Australia Have Foreign Buyers Restrictions

A look at the practical issues that have shaped the Governments policy on Foreign Investment and the rules in place to protect the market and encourage continued Foreign Investment.

USA Creates a Special Visa for Australians

The close relationship between Australia and the USA has been enhanced with the creation of a special Visa Class just for Australians, giving a greater opportunity for Aussie Expats seeking to work in the US.

Is a New Property Better than an Established One

With the significant depreciation incentives on offer by the Australian Tax System, it can be a confusing question on whether new is indeed better than old. This report examines the pro's and con's of each.

Is it Safe to Rent Out My Property

Being thousands of miles away from your Australian property can create some unwanted nerves about the safety of renting, but luckily for you the Australian System is well regulated and safe.

Australian Taxation Issues

The 10 Golden Rules to Tax Free Australian Property Investment

It is indeed possible to maintain a Tax Free status on your Australian property investments as an overseas based investor. This report goes through the 10 Golden Rules that need to be followed to ensure you can achieve this.

The Importance of Tax Planning as an Expatriate

Being an Australian Expatriate provides many benefits, not least of all the opportunity to dramatically reduce your tax on your return to Australia. This report highlights some of the key issues that you need to consider.

Australia Slashes Tax Rates

The most dramatic reduction in Tax Rates was made in Australia in the 2006 Federal Budget. This has since been followed up with further reductions showing a determination to make Australia Internationaly Tax Competitive.

GST Refund

A summary of the recent changes in the Australian Tax System that allows all overseas based Australian property investors to claim a full GST Refund on their property ownership expenses. This can result in a refund of many hundreds of dollars per property.

Australian Property Finance Issues

Interest Rate Rise Issues

The Australian Federal Reserve increased interest rates in Australia on 8th November 2007. This important report looks at the important issues to consider when you are faced with an interest rate rise.

Interest Rates Remain Steady

A look at the recent decision by the Australian reserve Bank to keep interest rates unchanged and the effect this may have on the property market and Australian currency.

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